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Real Virtuality – Siggraph 2015 Immersive Realities finalist – Gameplay footage

July 15, 2015 Leave a comment

Real Virtuality

It is often reported that Virtual Reality is isolating and not a social or shared experience. Well this is a great example of people interacting in a shared space with the wonders of VR. Awesome work. Just shows the beginnings of where this tech is going and sooner than people think.

Jaunt: Paul McCartney VR Experience

July 13, 2015 Leave a comment

PaulThere aren’t a lot of VR experiences out there currently. Wait let me rephrase that. There aren’t a lot of good VR experiences out there currently but one of the experiences I like to share with people to give them an idea of how cool it can be is the Paul McCartney VR experience by Jaunt. This totally awesome little experience puts you on stage for a Paul McCartney concert and switches between a couple positions letting you be right on the edge of the stage or next Sir Paul McCartney himself as he plays Live and Let Die. Down load it today.

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit v1.2


Getting some equipment in India can be a pain in the butt. Especially on new or developmental stuff. For some reason (probably legal) they don’t want to send stuff here. So I have to go through a bunch of hoop jumping and fire spitting in order to get access. Google is one of the toughest as is Microsoft. Thankfully there are a few companies which require fewer hoops and fire spit.

Razer has released their new OSVR Hacker Dev Kit 1.2 and I am able to get it in a more reasonable time frame then most other new tech. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this and seeing how it combines with some of the other tech that is out there like haptics and room scanners. Check it out here:

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Stucture Sensor

structure-sensor-xlDo you own an iPad? Do you want to scan everything you see and have it create 3d models of it in real time? Well the future is now. This device connects to your iPad and does this. There are a myriad of applications that can be done with this and I am personally looking forward to exploring them. Watch the video it is Amazeballs!

Head mounted camera – HMC 3D 360

devicesThis company Panocam3d has this awesome Head Mounted Camera rig and camera set up I would love to get my hands on. The applications for this are pretty cool. Check it out here:

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Cirque Du Soleil: Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities on GearVR


I love Cirque Du Soleil. When I lived in Vegas I saw most of their shows and over the years I have gone back to visit I have tried to catch the rest. When I lived in Quebec I would go see their summer show. They are brilliant storytellers, performers and entertainers. I am super excited that they have created a unique and special experience in the VR space with their Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities on GearVR. They havent simply put a camera on the stage but actually have recreated the show for this experience. This is hopefully the start of many more great experience like this in VR. Exciting times.

Marvel and Samsung Mobile Present ‘Battle for the Avengers Tower’ 360° Experience

MarvelWith the recent YouTube 360 there have been a few cool pieces put on it. One of them was made to promote the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and it is pretty sweet. Check it out in Google Cardboard. There is a full version made for the Galaxy S6 and the Gear VR Headset.

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