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Oculus Connect Schedule Day 1

September 7, 2015 Leave a comment

oculus-connect-2Looks like the Oculus Connect schedule got posted so I will now be able to plan my days there a little easier. I luck out that the first day doesn’t start till 1pm. I was worried I would miss some of the talks but I should be able to make it to the conference in time,

So that means I will check out Jesse Schell’s talk on Lessons Learned from “I Expect You To Die” then go to Examining Design Failures in “Time Machine” VR then check out some stuff because the sessions at that time look eh then check out Perception in Low Light VR Environments. At 4 Hit up Navigating New Worlds: Designing IO and UX in VR. Probably end the day with Designing Amazing Games for Gear VR in Unity.

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Officially Registered

August 14, 2015 Leave a comment

oculus-connect-2Super excited. I got the approvals and I will be heading to Oculus Connect. Can’t wait to see the schedule for event. Stoked,

Oculus Connect 2

August 7, 2015 Leave a comment

oculus-connect-2I got accepted to attend the Oculus Connect 2 developers conference. Now to just make attending happen. Super excited about this though.