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Get your batmobile out of my peanut butter

June 29, 2015 Leave a comment

BatmobileI am still not very far in the new Batman game Arkham Knight but I fear my hate of vehicles in games that don’t require them is coming through. I would not mind if the Batmobile was an option for me to play with but it seems so forced into every fricken thing I am doing that I hate it. I just want to glide around Gotham and beat up bad guys while solving crimes. I don’t want to have to bring that stupid wanna be tank everywhere I go. The controls are not great and the feeling to me is they wanted a peanut butter and chocolate combination and instead I got peanut butter and poop. It reminds me of my hate of the Mako in Mass Effect and Driving in general in Watch Dogs.

Friday Friends Features: Fated

June 19, 2015 Leave a comment


I have featured my old company Frima before but today I wanted to highlight one of their teams who are working on their VR game Fated. I got to see a sneak peak demo at GDC this year and it is already looking seriously cool. I know most of the team and they are seriously talented. I can’t wait to see the finished product but while we wait they have a great developers blog. I personally think it is one of the better developer blogs out there and a lot of people should take note when doing this themselves in the future. So go check it out here.

Best Practices From Leap Motion

June 18, 2015 Leave a comment


With VR being a relatively new field of development. At least on a wide scale compared to other technology it is important to learn from the mistakes of others sooner than later. I highly recommend reading any and all best practices that are out there. Here is a link to Leap Motions Best Practices.

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Back Again

June 16, 2015 Leave a comment

yin-yangHello. If anyone is still out there I am back again. Been a busy year and a half working on mobile sports games, card battle games and match 3 games. I’m about to endeavor into one of my favorite spaces in technology and game design Virtual Reality (VR). Decided to dust off the blog and post about my discoveries and research on the subject. Still will post some on management and design but the primary focus going forward for a bit is VR. A lot of this will be for reference for myself but I hope what I find is helpful for you too.

New Adventure

February 4, 2014 Leave a comment

After 3 years in Quebec City I have moved to a new company and a new country. Do to the new position and company I will probably be even more silent than I was before but you never know.

True to Design: What I’m Reading

December 17, 2012 Leave a comment


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True to Design: What I’m Reading

November 12, 2012 Leave a comment

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