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Witcher currently greater than Batman

WitcherI couldn’t take the Crapmobile any more in Batman: Arkham Knight and switched back to finishing the Witcher 3. I never played the previous Witchers but they do a fine job of making it all make sense. I was super hesitant about the game but once I sat down and gave it a little time I fell in love. I have a ways to go before I finish but I am really enjoying the variety of game play and ways I can approach the story. Once I finish the Witcher I will jump back to Batman but it will be with reluctance and a fiery hate for the batmobile.

Get your batmobile out of my peanut butter

June 29, 2015 Leave a comment

BatmobileI am still not very far in the new Batman game Arkham Knight but I fear my hate of vehicles in games that don’t require them is coming through. I would not mind if the Batmobile was an option for me to play with but it seems so forced into every fricken thing I am doing that I hate it. I just want to glide around Gotham and beat up bad guys while solving crimes. I don’t want to have to bring that stupid wanna be tank everywhere I go. The controls are not great and the feeling to me is they wanted a peanut butter and chocolate combination and instead I got peanut butter and poop. It reminds me of my hate of the Mako in Mass Effect and Driving in general in Watch Dogs.

VR Me Bro: Batman Arkham Knight

June 24, 2015 Leave a comment

batman-arkham-knight-title-logoProbably because I have been doing so much recent research and work in VR do I now kind of look at every experience on “How can I do this in VR?” or “Would this be cool in VR?” mode. So consider this a new topic on this blog “VR Me Bro”.

Last night I was able to play a little bit of the new Batman game Arkham Knight. I am a huge fan of this series. I will do a more thorough review on my Monday Morning Quarterback topic when I finish it. Just from initial play though I really think this a game that could with some small changes be the ultimate batman experience in VR.

Combat as the batman is smooth but perhaps a bit too quick. Doing more Slow Mo hits would be great. Driving the Batmobile in First person view would be sweet. Gliding about Gotham totally bad ass. Detective mode is made for VR heck it is AR mode for Batman. I am definitely going to try to play this on the Oculus. So consider this a place holder for my damn this would be cool. Got to test it.

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