Managing the Game Monday Morning Quarterback

Witcher currently greater than Batman

I couldn’t take the Crapmobile any more in Batman: Arkham Knight and switched back to finishing the Witcher 3. I never played the previous Witchers but they do a fine job of making it all make sense. I was super hesitant about the game but once I sat down and gave it a little time […]

Monday Morning Quarterback True to Design

Get your batmobile out of my peanut butter

I am still not very far in the new Batman game Arkham Knight but I fear my hate of vehicles in games that don’t require them is coming through. I would not mind if the Batmobile was an option for me to play with but it seems so forced into every fricken thing I am […]

Virtual Reality VR Me Bro

VR Me Bro: Batman Arkham Knight

Probably because I have been doing so much recent research and work in VR do I now kind of look at every experience on “How can I do this in VR?” or “Would this be cool in VR?” mode. So consider this a new topic on this blog “VR Me Bro”. Last night I was […]