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Reactions to Gear VR

August 13, 2015 Leave a comment

Gear VRIt is always fun to get other people to try VR devices and see their reactions. Watching their movements and how they observe their world while in the device is great. I let a few people try out 3 different experiences in the Gear VR to give them a sample of the types of experiences range currently out there. I did the Cirque piece, the Paul McCartney concert and the Marvel Avengers Tower experiences. The response was that of this is really good. This ok. This is awesome. I’m looking forward to more people trying it out.

Playing Around with the Gear VR

August 12, 2015 Leave a comment

MatrixGot in a few hours of time on the Gear VR. I have to say the quality is a good bit of a jump over Google Cardboard. i sampled a bunch of the apps that arent on cardboard a long with ones that are on both. The experience is a lot more immersive. They have done a good job with multiple navigation and selection options. Bad VR is bad VR no matter the platform. After a few hours I had to stop because I was getting a little sick from a few bad experiences. Walking around and shaking it off is my best solution. It does kind of stick with you for a while which can be an issue. Still very happy with this device and glad I will be working with it. Great early entry to Virtual Reality. Looking forward to the commercial version which will hopefully be out this year.

Real Virtuality – Siggraph 2015 Immersive Realities finalist – Gameplay footage

July 15, 2015 Leave a comment

Real Virtuality

It is often reported that Virtual Reality is isolating and not a social or shared experience. Well this is a great example of people interacting in a shared space with the wonders of VR. Awesome work. Just shows the beginnings of where this tech is going and sooner than people think.

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit v1.2


Getting some equipment in India can be a pain in the butt. Especially on new or developmental stuff. For some reason (probably legal) they don’t want to send stuff here. So I have to go through a bunch of hoop jumping and fire spitting in order to get access. Google is one of the toughest as is Microsoft. Thankfully there are a few companies which require fewer hoops and fire spit.

Razer has released their new OSVR Hacker Dev Kit 1.2 and I am able to get it in a more reasonable time frame then most other new tech. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this and seeing how it combines with some of the other tech that is out there like haptics and room scanners. Check it out here:

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Stucture Sensor

structure-sensor-xlDo you own an iPad? Do you want to scan everything you see and have it create 3d models of it in real time? Well the future is now. This device connects to your iPad and does this. There are a myriad of applications that can be done with this and I am personally looking forward to exploring them. Watch the video it is Amazeballs!