Late to the Game Managing the Game

Late To The Game: Fable 2

Fable 2 was a game I was quick to pick up when it came out. Peter Molyneux designs some very fun games and even if they don’t always live up to his promises they do always push game design forward. Fable 2 is no exception in this and brings together both simple story design with […]

Managing the Game

Managing the Game: Play to their strengths

I really believe it is important to play to your team members strengths while giving them a chance to build on their weaknesses. Too often I have seen managers assume that individuals are great at everything. Then these same people are surprised or disappointed when someone fails to accomplish something they aren’t good at. If […]

Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning Quarterback: Smackdown vs Raw 2010

Let me start this by saying I haven’t played a wrestling video game since the Super Nintendo. However I have been following wrestling since I was about 5 so that puts me in the fandom category for 27 years or so. When I was younger my dad used to take me to wrestling events at […]

Late to the Game

Late To The Game: Bully: Scholarship Edition

I picked this game up a few months ago and then got around to playing it a month later. There was a lot of hype and controversy around this game when it came out. I was interested in seeing how a sandbox world set in a prep school and the surrounding world around it would […]