Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning Quarterback: Fallout Shelter

Fallout ShelterLast week Fallout Shelter for Android was released and well I downloaded it as fast as I could. I then promptly dropped some cash into the game because I am a sucker. Basically it is Tiny Towers meets Fallout. It does a great job of overlaying the classic icons and stats of Fallout on the Tiny Towers style gameplay. Im not a fan of previous tiny tower games but I am a fan of this game because I love the IP. Will this game hold my interest for long? Probably not but who cares they got my cash already. Do you need to spend in this game? Certainly not but if you do you get some cool stuff faster. Check it out if you are a Fallout fan otherwise it is just tiny towers.


By milikihaha

I bring my experience, passion, and knowledge working around the world spanning multiple technological and managerial disciplines in leading and creating immersive digital experiences.

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