Virtual Reality

What Is Old Is New Again

MatrixWhen I first started working in video games I was working on MMO’s and Virtual Worlds. At the time 3D Virtual Worlds was really too early to take off. There was some limited success globally but not enough for it really to go mainstream. Too soon.

At GDC this year I saw a number of cool virtual reality demos. Everyone was like “wow look you are standing in a bar. Here you can play a jukebox and pick the music you listen to. Look an Arcade machine you can play.” I felt I had been transplanted 10 years into the past. I started asking questions about things we had done in virtual worlds and they were like “No we hadn’t thought of that. That’s a great idea.” It was then that I realized there truly are no new ideas just redressed ones.

I’m excited that Virtual Reality is becoming a big thing but amused that the New “New” is the Old “New”.


By milikihaha

I bring my experience, passion, and knowledge working around the world spanning multiple technological and managerial disciplines in leading and creating immersive digital experiences.

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