True to Design

True to Design: What I’m Reading

Funcom’s Vision for the Future of MMOs :

Online behavior: trolls still trolling trolls:

The Next Great Desktop Gaming Platform?

5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Fall off the Fast-track:

Leadership and Life Lessons from the Baseball Playoffs:

Save-scumming is Perverse Optimization :

CastleVille: A GDC Online post-mortem:

League of Legends draws more daily players than Zynga’s biggest hits:

The Shifting Continuum: An Arc System Works Interview:

When does effective free-to-play design become an ethical matter?:

GDCOnline: UO Classic Game Postmortem:

Tiny MMOs, Massice Opportunities:

User-generated content: When game players become developers:

MechWarrior Online‘s unconventional crowdfunding pays off:

The Free-To-Play Triangle [Game Economics] :

The Next Twenty Years: What Windows 8’s Closed Distribution Means for Developers :

This is the future of free-to-play:

Interview: What’s next in game narrative, with Emily Short:

CCP Online’s three design pillars for sandbox MMOs:

Walk the Talk: Four Tips to be an Extraordinary Leader:

Age of mobile: Ensemble founder Goodman on his new iOS battles:

Respecting women players without ‘girling it up’:

Emergent gameplay, F2P key for MMO user retention problems:

Bubble Witch Saga monetizes 3 times better on iOS than on Facebook:

The Sound Design of Journey :

GDCOnline: A Theory of Fun, 10 Years Later:

Social players don’t want to read your text — or do they?:

Building better communities: The next challenge for free-to-play:

More variety in free-to-play is on the horizon, predicts Kongregate:

10 Social Game Lessons from 2012:

The Technological Singularity and the Future :

Hitting the Brick Wall near Singularity:

Making everyone feel like a star in a multiplayer game:

Postmortem: Stardock Entertainment and Ironclad Games’ Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion:

Making Kratos More Human:

Mobile/Social Games Are Not Safe [TechCrunch}:

The benefits of making your players suffer (and maybe throw up):

Tell Facebook you want synchronous gameplay – you might get it:

Don’t miss out on extra cash from R&D tax credits:

Shaping the Future of Facebook as a Game Platform:

Sponsored Feature: Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Character Design:

The State of the Vita, 2012 :

Rapid Prototyping: Tips for Running an Effective R&D Process:

Purpose Must be a Priority:

You Don’t Need to Solve for 100%:

Persuasive Games: Words With Friends Forever:

25 Tips for New Managers:

Pokemon‘s Secret Ingredient :

Peter Molyneux: Everything’s Changing:

How to Defuse an Inbox Hand Grenade:

Adding Asynchronicity :

85 percent of US social players don’t come back after first day:

Getting ‘anti-social’ on Facebook with Game of Thrones: Ascent:

From DICE to Danger Close: The Man Who Changed Medal of Honor :

You Have to Speak for the Work:

Fire, Blood, Explosions: Prototype 2‘s Over-the-Top Effects Tech:

Spam Me Not: Shouting above the noise in the game world:

Lessons in Launching Virtual Worlds:

The stressful life of Middle Eastern game developers and reality of their craft:


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I bring my experience, passion, and knowledge working around the world spanning multiple technological and managerial disciplines in leading and creating immersive digital experiences.

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