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True to Design: What I’m Reading

July 30, 2012 Leave a comment

You can copy the steps and still not copy the success :

How to Get Your Message Out:

Seven Psychological Sins of SimCity Social:

Marketers: Exploit game players with this clever psychological trick!:

On Player Characters and Self Expression:

The Erosion of Creative Freedom? The Battle over Publicity Rights:

Five Ways to Project Credibility in an Instant:

Staying Triple-A: How Big Independent Studios are Turning to Mobile and Social:

Creating Audio That Matters:

What The Witcher Taught CD Projekt About RPGs:

The Great Catch: Becoming the Artist You Should Be:

Trials Evolution, Social Comparisons, and Second Place:

GameDuell: Cross-platform players monetize 25% more than those on a single platform:

The Perfect CRPG: Difficulty :

What Leaders Can Learn from the Life of Sally Ride:

Game Research, and What it Means to You:

5 Proven Tips to Get Honest Feedback from Your Employees:

War-torn Developers: Creating Games from the Front Lines:

The More You Know: Making Decisions Interesting in Games:

The secret to EVE Online‘s success: it’s all bottom-up:



True to Design: What I’m Reading

Zynga reveals Zynga API for third-party developers:

Chrono Trigger‘s Design Secrets:

Charging at the Challenges of Kinect:

Media Molecule finds success and failure alike in Little Big Planet‘s sharing systems:

Congratulations, Your First Indie Game is a Flop:

Epic’s Sweeney: Platform convergence, freemium the inevitable future :

Building a Better Zombie:

5 Essential Skills for Contemporary Leaders:

How Sleeping Dogs Tackles Open World Design:

Postmortem: Crocodile Entertainment’s Zack Zero:

Kaos Descends: How Homefront‘s Developer Met its End:

Wii U and Indies: Will it Work This Time?:

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