True to Design

True to Design: What I’m Reading

A Line in the Sand: The Spec Ops Interview:

Here’s why you’re surprised when you stink at multiplayer games:

Parallel Mafia bringing the future of organized crime to mobile devices and (possibly) Facebook:

Needs and Gratification Theory and Game Genres:

Intuition, Expectations and Culture: Learning from Psychology to Build Better Game Interfaces:

Study: Teens losing interest in traditional games, prefer social/mobile experiences:

Beware of Hotel California:

Art of Video Games at the Smithsonian :

20 Signs That You Can’t Trusted as a Leader:

The Real Data Behind Movies Becoming Games:

10 Ways to Improve Your Credibility:

Following Your Instincts: Developing Darksiders II:

Make a better game: Limit the player:

‘No Bullshit’: The Management Style Behind Deus Ex: HR‘s Success:

Is it Ever OK to Demote a Manager Back to Their Former Position?:

Gamification Dynamics: Flow and Art:

Defender’s Quest: By the Numbers:

Sponsored Feature: 10 Steps for Top Google Play Store Rankings (Without Spending a Penny!):

Opinion: Let’s talk about why QA sucks:

The Origins of Fun:

How Leaders Can Build a Change-Friendly Culture:

How to Lead Yourself When the Boss is Not Around:

How Does In-Game Audio Affect Players?:

Leadership: It’s the Softer Side That Counts:

Five Ways Games Appeal to Players:


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I bring my experience, passion, and knowledge working around the world spanning multiple technological and managerial disciplines in leading and creating immersive digital experiences.

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