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Two interviews during my time with Yggdrasil Gaming

Secret Sauce: What makes a successful slot?

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The Void: Beta Open

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the-voidLooks like if you are in Utah this month you can buy a $10 ticket to check out The Void. Wish I could. Link below.

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Hololens Dev Kits Coming In January

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hololens_3172574kBecause I was totally unaware but pleasantly surprised to see Microsoft announce its Dev Kits for the Hololens will be coming in January for the tune of $3000. Support for US and Canada only at the moment but there are always work arounds. Painful work arounds but hey if it gets my hands on a Hololens worth it. Signed up for the waitlist demo in November for Atlanta. Hope I can get in.

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This is just to say I am alive. I was sick for a bit then went to the states for Oculus Connect which is awesome and then got overwhelmed by work on my return. Will post some thoughts on the stuff at Oculus Connect and working with a 14 camera Hero360 Rig soon.

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Oculus Connect Schedule Day 1

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oculus-connect-2Looks like the Oculus Connect schedule got posted so I will now be able to plan my days there a little easier. I luck out that the first day doesn’t start till 1pm. I was worried I would miss some of the talks but I should be able to make it to the conference in time,

So that means I will check out Jesse Schell’s talk on Lessons Learned from “I Expect You To Die” then go to Examining Design Failures in “Time Machine” VR then check out some stuff because the sessions at that time look eh then check out Perception in Low Light VR Environments. At 4 Hit up Navigating New Worlds: Designing IO and UX in VR. Probably end the day with Designing Amazing Games for Gear VR in Unity.

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Scanning and Shooting

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Structure ScanI am really looking forward to scanning environments in 3D and also shooting them in 3D 360 video. I really like the idea of having both as options for my work. Being able to step into a space and get all the footage I need and reference to take away is awesome. I think it will be a great addition to my workflow and add some new potential to creating projects.

At Last!

September 1, 2015 Leave a comment

MatrixWas able to get the tracker working with a fix to the drivers. So we have a mostly fully operational battle station. Still have a few pieces of software to install but was able to test out the leap motion and the Oculus. Mostly novelty stuff I have seen so far. Really hoping to find some more innovative works or just work on them ourselves. Today I will be exploring more of the Share store and seeing what else is out there. It is one thing to read about these experiences but totally different to actually experience them.