Witcher currently greater than Batman

WitcherI couldn’t take the Crapmobile any more in Batman: Arkham Knight and switched back to finishing the Witcher 3. I never played the previous Witchers but they do a fine job of making it all make sense. I was super hesitant about the game but once I sat down and gave it a little time I fell in love. I have a ways to go before I finish but I am really enjoying the variety of game play and ways I can approach the story. Once I finish the Witcher I will jump back to Batman but it will be with reluctance and a fiery hate for the batmobile.

Friday Friends Feature: Brandes Stoddard

Dakrah's Familiar

This week I will highlight another friend of mine who is a writer, Brandes Stoddard. I am pretty sure I have highlighted his blog on game design before (here is the link if you missed it: http://harbinger-of-doom.blogspot.hk/) but this week I want to show off his book. Brandes is an exceptional storyteller, designer and game master. He has had the misfortune to have had me as a player on more than one occasion because I am that much of a fan of his work and he is a masochist to keep letting me in. Anyway, yesterday was his birthday so check out his book and blog.


Cirque Du Soleil: Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities on GearVR


I love Cirque Du Soleil. When I lived in Vegas I saw most of their shows and over the years I have gone back to visit I have tried to catch the rest. When I lived in Quebec I would go see their summer show. They are brilliant storytellers, performers and entertainers. I am super excited that they have created a unique and special experience in the VR space with their Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities on GearVR. They havent simply put a camera on the stage but actually have recreated the show for this experience. This is hopefully the start of many more great experience like this in VR. Exciting times.

Marvel and Samsung Mobile Present ‘Battle for the Avengers Tower’ 360° Experience

MarvelWith the recent YouTube 360 there have been a few cool pieces put on it. One of them was made to promote the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and it is pretty sweet. Check it out in Google Cardboard. There is a full version made for the Galaxy S6 and the Gear VR Headset.


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Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles in 360

June 30, 2015 Leave a comment

termRight now it seems the mix of VR related stuff out there is either game related or experience related. Experience related mostly in the form of marketing. Which I think is fine especially since everyone is just cutting their teeth on this tech and the methodologies involved in creating them. A recent entry into the experience category is a marketing piece for the new Terminator Genisys.

Here is the link:

Get your batmobile out of my peanut butter

June 29, 2015 Leave a comment

BatmobileI am still not very far in the new Batman game Arkham Knight but I fear my hate of vehicles in games that don’t require them is coming through. I would not mind if the Batmobile was an option for me to play with but it seems so forced into every fricken thing I am doing that I hate it. I just want to glide around Gotham and beat up bad guys while solving crimes. I don’t want to have to bring that stupid wanna be tank everywhere I go. The controls are not great and the feeling to me is they wanted a peanut butter and chocolate combination and instead I got peanut butter and poop. It reminds me of my hate of the Mako in Mass Effect and Driving in general in Watch Dogs.

Friday Friends Feature: Louis Puster III

June 26, 2015 Leave a comment

WrackedThis week’s Friday Friends Feature is one of the talented writers I know Louis Puster III. He has a few books out, and all of them are well worth the read. You can check out the link below to his site where you can read his blog, catch a sample of his writing and more importantly find links to his books. Hope you enjoy his creative works as much as I have.



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